NewMo’s CyberAnalyst Brand Protection Solutions monitor globally across the Internet – at both the brand and individual product level. Our advanced monitoring capabilities, sophisticated rules engine for processing the collected data, and dedicated data analyst support for each client implementation combine to provide the best solutions available for online brand protection

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“The number of violations by our retailers has dramatically decreased since the inception of our MAP program, and NewMo’s solution has been key to that success. They deliver a managed solution that has been highly customized to meet our specific needs, and we are very pleased with the results.”
–Kevin Turner, Sales Planning Team Leader, Philips


“NewMo and the services they provide have been the core of our company’s, and our industry’s, anti-counterfeiting program for over 16 months. We have found their services to be exemplary. Their monitoring services are accurate, timely, and analytically comprehensive. Their customer service is client-centric, efficient, and adapted to our direct needs. And we find their pricing to be a tremendous value to our business and to our clients.”
-Stan Bruckheim, CEO, Latino Media Services

““NewMo has been a valuable partner in assisting Klipsch Group, Inc. with protecting the Klipsch, Energy, and Jamo brands on a global basis. Its CyberAnalyst monitoring engine is a well-formatted and user-friendly tool that allows us quick access to our data. The staff’s deep knowledge of enforcement best practices and responsiveness has helped us effectively address high-value unauthorized sellers, while at the same time giving us visibility into cross-border selling within our authorized channels.”
–Renée Lambermont, Corporate Counsel, Klipsch Group

“The results of the NewMo program have been impressive. In the four months since we launched the program in North America, NewMo has succeeded in removing a vast majority of the thousands of counterfeit merchandise goods they submitted for take down.”
–Loic Amans, senior vice president of finance and strategic planning, Ubisoft

We can get you fully implemented with a custom solution – at a price you can afford – within 2-3 weeks.
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