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About NewMo

NewMo’s CyberAnalyst Brand Protection Solutions monitor globally across the Internet – at both the brand and individual product level. Our advanced monitoring capabilities, sophisticated rules engine for processing the collected data, and dedicated data analyst support for each client implementation combine to provide the best solutions available for online brand protection.

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CyberAnalyst Solution Portfolio

NewMo Customers Identify Seller Linkages with CyberAnalyst Version 4

CyberAnalyst Solutions

Are replicas of your products showing up for sale on the Internet? Are your trademarks and copyrights being abused? CyberAnalyst monitors broadly across the global Internet, while at the same time digging deep to pull very detailed information from each listing that claims to sell your product. A sophisticated rules engine and dedicated data analyst assess legitimacy and take action on infringing sellers and listings.

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Is your authentic product showing up for sale via partners you did not authorize? Are you finding product intended for one market showing up in a different location and at a different price? CyberAnalyst retrieves location- and price-specific data for each and every listing. Results can be compared against a white list of authorized sellers and markets, and NewMo can even perform test purchases to aid in identifying product source.

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Do you have unhappy channel partners who point to pricing violations by other resellers? Are you spending time manually searching the Internet to validate partner pricing? CyberAnalyst provides 24 X 7 visibility into online listings for your products on marketplaces, price comparison sites, and your retailers’ websites. MAP (Minimum Advertised Price) violations are identified, violation notices sent, and ongoing monitoring performed to confirm seller compliance.

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