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CyberAnalyst Platform

CyberAnalyst is the most technologically advanced online monitoring platform available in the market today.  The SaaS-based CyberAnalyst solution automates the process of collecting the large amounts of data available across global marketplaces, auction sites, trade boards, and the many independent seller, or “rogue” sites found throughout the Internet.

Proprietary search technology scans the global open market on a 24X7 basis, filters out the noise, and compares the results to your authentic brand / products.  The collected data is stored in a dedicated data repository configured for your requirements, and through a combination of automated business rules and focused human analysis, it is organized into actionable information.  All of the sites, sellers, products, and listing details are filtered, categorized, analyzed, and prioritized in a way that makes it easy to identify and take action on high-ROI suspects.


The identification and collection of listings is accomplished through a custom program, or search agent, that has been developed for each source of data; e.g. a marketplace, auction site, price aggregator site, or search engine site. The determination that a listing is potentially infringing is accomplished through automated business rules that classify and rank the collected data, resulting in a prioritized set of listings which the NewMo Data Analyst can then review and enforce upon, or recommend for other action.

CyberAnalyst Advantages

CyberAnalyst offers compelling advantages in the world of online brand protection.

  • CyberAnalyst provides full visibility into the global open market. Some automated software solutions only address the well-known auction and marketplace sites such as Amazon, eBay, Taobao, and Alibaba. Others scan more broadly but bring back only cursory information: is a domain name or trademark being violated? CyberAnalyst monitors the full spectrum of site types and collects in-depth information about the sellers, the products, and the individual listings.
  • Most automated solutions deposit collected data into a repository but fail to correlate that data to your primary reference point – namely, your products (and their pricing). CyberAnalyst associates each listing with the specific product or brand term it represents and gives you full visibility into product-specific issues, discounts per listing and seller, region-based pricing and anomalies, and myriad other “cuts” into the well-structured underlying data.
  • CyberAnalyst utilizes automated business rules to filter and “cleanse” the collected data, then classify, label, and rank it per your custom requirements. While other solutions are frequently criticized for the amount of “junk” in their reports to customers, CyberAnalyst is praised not only for the cleanliness and relevancy of its data, but also for its unique seller and listing risk indices.
  • The CyberAnalyst interactive dashboard receives ongoing accolades for its easy-to-use interface.


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